Ten rich and famous authors who self-published their books

There are several well-known authors who chose to self-publish their books before achieving fame and success. Here are a few examples:

  1. E.L. James:
    • E.L. James self-published the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series as fan fiction on platforms like FanFiction.net before it gained immense popularity. She later reworked the series and released it as a trilogy, which became a massive commercial success.
  2. Amanda Hocking:
    • Amanda Hocking self-published her young adult paranormal novels and gained a significant following through online platforms like Amazon Kindle. Her success eventually led to a traditional publishing deal.
  3. Hugh Howey:
    • Hugh Howey self-published his science fiction series “Wool” as a novella on Amazon Kindle. The series gained a massive readership, and he later signed a print-only deal with a traditional publisher.
  4. Andy Weir:
    • Andy Weir self-published his novel “The Martian” as a serialized story on his blog. The story gained a strong following, leading to its publication as a complete novel and its eventual adaptation into a successful film.
  5. Mark Dawson:
    • Mark Dawson is a British author who found success through self-publishing his thriller novels. He is known for his John Milton series, which he promoted effectively through online marketing strategies.
  6. Lisa Genova:
    • Lisa Genova self-published her debut novel, “Still Alice,” which revolves around a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The book gained attention and was later traditionally published, becoming a bestseller and inspiring a film adaptation.
  7. Hocking M. Stuart:
    • Hocking M. Stuart self-published his novel “The Race to Dakar” before it was picked up by a traditional publisher. The book chronicles his experience racing in the grueling Dakar Rally.
  8. H.P. Mallory:
    • H.P. Mallory self-published her urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, including the “Jolie Wilkins” and “Dulcie O’Neil” series. She gained a strong following through her self-published works before being signed by traditional publishers.
  9. R.L. Mathewson:
    • R.L. Mathewson is known for her contemporary romance novels, such as the “Neighbor from Hell” series. She began by self-publishing her books and effectively used online platforms to build a dedicated readership.
  10. John Locke:
    • John Locke was one of the first self-published authors to sell over a million Kindle ebooks. He wrote in various genres, including mystery and suspense. His success helped highlight the potential of self-publishing in the digital age.

These authors showcase the diverse range of genres and stories that can find success through self-publishing, emphasizing the role of determination, quality writing, and effective marketing strategies in achieving recognition and readership.

They started their journeys in self-publishing and managed to build significant readerships, catch the attention of traditional publishers, or achieve independent success through their efforts. Their stories highlight the potential of self-publishing as a platform for emerging authors to reach a wider audience and make their mark in the literary world.

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