The 10 most popular humor sites

Nowadays people spend most of their time online on a handful of social media sites like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit. But it wasn’t always like that. Before social media, it was normal to visit dozens of different, uncensored, independently owned websites.

Each site specialized in a topic. Humor sites were my favorite. Many of them still exist today, so get off social media and check out some of these sites:

  1. The Onion: A satirical news website that creates fictional stories and parodies real news events.
  2. Cracked: Offers humorous articles, videos, and other content on a variety of topics.
  3. CollegeHumor: Features original comedy videos, articles, and web comics, often targeted at a younger audience.
  4. Funny or Die: A comedy video website where users can rate content as either “funny” or “die.”
  5. Cheezburger: Known for its collection of user-generated memes and funny pictures, including the “I Can Has Cheezburger?” meme.
  6. Dorkly: Focuses on video game and pop culture-related humor, including comics and articles.
  7. Cyanide & Happiness: A webcomic that specializes in dark humor and stick figure illustrations.
  8. Smosh: Started as a YouTube channel, Smosh offers comedy sketches, videos, and articles on various topics.
  9. The Chive: Features funny pictures, memes, and viral videos, along with lifestyle content.
  10. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Publishes a variety of humorous essays, articles, and satirical pieces.

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