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Famous Quotes About Racism

Famous celebrities, writers and politicians discuss their experiences with racism in their own words.

Category: Non-Fiction
You, Me, Us, Them The Swinger Manifesto

ABOUT THE BOOK Some dream about it. Some indulge. The rest are curious about introducing themselves to the swing culture. You, Me, Us, Them is a thorough examination of the Lifestyle commonly known to swingers as the LS. As couple swapping is...

Category: Erotica
Black and White

Black and White takes the reader beyond Gaspirtz' colorful cartoons with a collection of the artist's monochromatic photographs.

Category: Non-Fiction
German Graves

A Haunting Stroll Through An Old Cemetery In The Imperial City Of Aachen.

Category: Historical
Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York

True crime that's even more twisted than Tiger King.

Category: Romance
Embarrassing True Stories

Have you ever had one of those moments, when something so horribly awkward and embarrassing happens, you just want to crawl in a hole and die? Well, you’re not alone. This book is full of those moments.

Category: Humor
Pet Humor

The perfect gift for pet lovers! Hilarious cartoons about dogs, cats, birds and more.

Category: Humor
Comics for Cops

This book is a tribute to all the hard working men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day for an often less than grateful public.

Category: Comics
German Wisdom

German Wisdom features a fascinating collection of funny, inspirational and thought-provoking quotes by some of Germany’s greatest poets, thinkers and philosophers, as well as from contemporary Germans of note.

Category: Non-Fiction
The Worst Dead Baby Jokes of All Time

Are you a self-righteous political correctness crusader? Looking for the next big thing to get all outraged over? Do you plan on being highly offended by this book?

Category: Humor
Serval Son: Spots and Stripes Forever

What its like to own--and be owned by--a wild cat for seventeen years. Thinking of getting an exotic cat Look before you leap

I think I know you...Karunya, Do I?

Karunya, a Hindu Delhi boy and Aasma, a Muslim Lucknow girl fall for each other while battling against a series of strange events. They set out on an adventure trip to unravel a mystery which has made their life miserable in the past few months. But...

The 100 Best Yo Mama Jokes

A collection of the very best Yo Mama Jokes: Yo Mama So Fat, Yo Mama So Ugly, Yo Mama So Stupid and many more!

Category: Humor
Military Friends ABC

An exciting picture book that teaches children ABCs and NATO phonetic alphabet using military vehicles, ships and aircraft. All five U.S. service branches are featured against stunning backgrounds. Spectacular artwork illustrates action-packed rhyming...

Category: For Kids
The Amusing Quest for the little Genius - BOOK 2. Fun puzzles for children

In this book, we gathered exciting tasks for your child that will teach him logical thinking and concentration. In the form of a game, it will help to awake the curiosity and desire to learn something new. Also, there are 9 tracing number practice...

Category: For Kids
Twin Villains

Two stories of alien villains in a galaxy at war. The first deals with a space pirate serving a life sentence in a military prison on a bleak planet. Rather than rot away for the rest of his life, he makes one last desperate attempt to escape. The second...

Category: Science Fiction
Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One Jans Rainbow

The day after losing his wife, Jan, to ovarian cancer a rainbow surrounded his home in upstate New York. This inspired him to write this comforting and very creative book to help others through their loss. There are wonderful stories from Lindsay and 28...

Category: Self Help
The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet

Two brothers, with one job, keep the zombie apocalypse from happening. Action packed, funny and gory. If youre a fan of things like Ash vs Evil Dead or Z Nation, youll love this book.

Category: Action & Adventure
Reign of Terror: A Serial Killer Mystery Thriller

Trace the knife edge of this cut-throat story buried deep in the lurking shadows. A sadistic serial killer, known as The Butcher is loose in Los Angeles. His preferred victims are little-lost souls those who can be picked from a crowd and not be missed....

Master of the Fleet

Set in an alternate timeline along the Northwest coast of America, Richard LeMarnier finds he has married the woman of his dreams. Now bound to her by marriage vows and a blood oath, can he win her heart

Category: Romance
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 Words Can Never Hurt Me Young Adult 19 8.7 Stats
#22 Bound for Passion: Erotic Love Stories Erotica 18 13.1 Stats
#23 Proof of Virtue Romance 18 8 Stats
#24 Eat More Not Less To Lose Weight Self Help 18 7 Stats
#25 Felix Vallotton - 200 illustrations of Swiss artist who worked on contrasts Erotica 18 7.6 Stats
#26 The Order and Other Tales of Terror Horror 18 4.8 Stats
#27 Mamzer Young Adult 17 13.4 Stats
#28 Winslow: The Lost Hunters Crime, Thriller & Suspense 17 10.2 Stats
#29 The Council - The Witch's Ambitions Trilogy 1 Fantasy 17 11.8 Stats
#30 Two Angels Romance 17 8.7 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#31 Reversal Romance 17 7.9 Stats
#32 CHECKMATE Crime, Thriller & Suspense 17 7 Stats
#33 A Grave Misunderstanding Crime, Thriller & Suspense 17 10.7 Stats
#34 Tales of Survival Domestic Violence Non-Fiction 17 10.9 Stats
#35 Uncontrolled Obsession Erotica 17 7.5 Stats
#36 Katana Shodan The Scroll of the Five Masters Fantasy 17 6.9 Stats
#37 Fiverr Cheats Tricks Your key to making real money on Fiverr Non-Fiction 17 5.8 Stats
#38 Trillion Dollar Sky Science Fiction 17 4.9 Stats
#39 Their Meddling Aunt Erotica 16 9.8 Stats
#40 Dreams Of A Angel Gothic Princess and Angel Series Volume 1 Romance 16 10.2 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#41 How to Relieve Stress Naturally and Stop Worrying in Minutes Non-Fiction 16 8.5 Stats
#42 Scandalous Hoe Fiction Humor 16 9.9 Stats
#43 Blue Book of Quotes Young Adult 16 7.6 Stats
#44 Maldene II Mysteries Of Olde Fantasy 16 6.7 Stats
#45 Healthy Mind Healthy Body Self Help 16 7.4 Stats
#46 Famous Quotes About Sex Non-Fiction 15 17.4 Stats
#47 D.I.Y. Therapy Healing Depression Self Help 15 8.4 Stats
#48 21 Days to Happiness Increase Your Happiness, Productivity and Energy Self Help 15 11.1 Stats
#49 The Secrets Between Her Thighs Erotica 15 9.1 Stats
#50 I Do Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures Biographies & Memoirs 15 8.5 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#51 Eastern erotic motives In charming pictures of Eduard Ansen-Hofmann Action & Adventure 15 9.1 Stats
#52 Odessa Lace - Marea Mystic #1: The Mystery of the Gypsy Ring Young Adult 15 5.1 Stats
#53 Spooked How to write paranormal short stories Non-Fiction 15 6.8 Stats
#54 How To Survive The Twilight Zone Of Stay Home Fatherhood Non-Fiction 15 6.3 Stats
#55 New Orleans Graves Historical 14 17.1 Stats
#56 Torn Apart Convergence Book 1 Fantasy 14 7.9 Stats
#57 For Love Or Freedom Romance 14 11.9 Stats
#58 Beauty and the Bitch Erotica 14 10.8 Stats
#59 The Stoplight Romance 14 8.9 Stats
#60 Hero High - Figure In The Flames Young Adult 14 6.2 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#61 Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus Fantasy 14 7 Stats
#62 Welcome, Neighbor Erotica 14 6.1 Stats
#63 Action Recognition Using Python and Recurrent Neural Network Non-Fiction 14 5.8 Stats
#64 A Sick And Twisted Coronavirus Christmas Comics 13 23.6 Stats
#65 Embers - A Collection of Dark Fiction Horror 13 14.8 Stats
#66 Floating Around Hollywood: And Other Totally-True Tales of Triumph Humor 13 9.4 Stats
#67 Love the Link to Health & Happiness Self Help 13 6.1 Stats
#68 Hemiparesis Living Non-Fiction 13 4.5 Stats
#69 Playkidds Ready for Road Safety Self Help 13 4.1 Stats
#70 Financial Freedom Breaking the Chains to Independence and Creating Massive Wealth Self Help 12 6.6 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#71 Single-Crewed My Life as a Police Officer Biographies & Memoirs 11 10.9 Stats
#72 My Mr. Manny Romance 11 8.6 Stats
#73 Tortillas Peanut Butter True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler Biographies & Memoirs 11 10.7 Stats
#74 Spanish painter and sculptor Juan Gris 160 selected artists pictures Biographies & Memoirs 11 9.9 Stats
#75 Word of God Bhagavad Gita Religion & Spirituality 11 7.4 Stats
#76 Medium Rare Trixie Gets In Trouble Chill Harvest Book 2 Fantasy 11 4.8 Stats
#77 Trouble in Topeka Book 1 The True Adventures of Ms. Lola MountJoy traveling nurse Erotica 10 6.6 Stats
#78 Grigory's Gadget Fantasy 9 8.7 Stats
#79 Dom's Ascension Action & Adventure 9 5 Stats
#80 The Corruption of Power Crime, Thriller & Suspense 9 4.5 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#81 Words Can Never Hurt Me Young Adult 8 7.4 Stats
#82 Reaper A Spooky Story Of The Paranormal Chill Harvest Book 1 Fantasy 8 7 Stats
#83 Heartburn, Broken Bones, and The False Claims Act Non-Fiction 8 4.7 Stats
#84 Bad Choices Make Good Stories: The Heroin Scene in Fort Myers Romance 7 9.7 Stats
#85 The Poppy Drop Crime, Thriller & Suspense 7 5.6 Stats
#86 Finding Bluefield Historical 6 5 Stats
#87 Keeping Our Forever Romance 6 5.8 Stats
#88 100 beautiful erotic pictures Erotica 6 3.8 Stats
#89 Self-THERAPY Self Help 5 7.1 Stats
#90 Beyond the Waves My Royal Navy Adventures Biographies & Memoirs 5 6.9 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#91 Dear Dad Action & Adventure 5 5.3 Stats
#92 Espionage - London Crime, Thriller & Suspense 5 7.4 Stats
#93 A Major Plane crash Ended it all Crime, Thriller & Suspense 5 5.1 Stats
#94 Witch Wars Science Fiction 5 5.1 Stats
#95 Why Creeps Don't Know They're Creeps Humor 4 5.2 Stats
#96 Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets For Kids 4 6.1 Stats
#97 Fall from Chaos: The Aqualines Action & Adventure 4 5.9 Stats
#98 RUINS - The Ancient Secret Science Fiction 4 6 Stats
#99 101 Ways to Finish your Studies Self Help 4 5.4 Stats
#100 Love Wont Let Me Wait Romance 4 5.5 Stats