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Embarrassing True Stories

Have you ever had one of those moments, when something so horribly awkward and embarrassing happens, you just want to crawl in a hole and die Well, youre not alone. This book is full of those moments. And as terrible as they may be when they happen to...

Category: Humor
Beyond the Waves My Royal Navy Adventures

As a child, the author dreamt of action, adventure, and foreign travel. At the age of 20, he took the first tentative steps towards achieving those goals he joined Her Majestys Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprentice. Beyond the Waves follows his progress...

You, Me, Us, Them The Swinger Manifesto

ABOUT THE BOOK Some dream about it. Some indulge. The rest are curious about introducing themselves to the swing culture. You, Me, Us, Them is a thorough examination of the Lifestyle commonly known to swingers as the LS. As couple swapping is...

Category: Erotica
Single-Crewed My Life as a Police Officer

Having travelled the world in the Royal Navy, the author was unable to settle into the slower pace of life as a civilian. He yearned for action and excitement. He missed the camaraderie of his former life. His search led him to the Lincolnshire Police...

Pet Humor

The perfect gift for pet lovers Hilarious cartoons about dogs, cats, birds and more. Touching and cute true stories about amazing pets. Pet trivia and weird, bizarre and unusual facts. Funny Top Ten lists about pets and pet lovers. Lots and lots of...

Category: Humor
Gone Diving My Adventures Above and Below the Waves

Have you ever wondered what life as a SCUBA Diving Instructor is really like Is it as glamorous a lifestyle as they say Do they live-the-dream Follow the author as he evolves from a novice diver, to become the owner of his own dive business. Travel the...

The Poppy Drop

Florist Lily Schmidt can handle just about any emergency if it involves flowers, but when a box of hydrangeas she needs for a wedding is actually a drug shipment gone wrong, she could risk everything. Her business... her life... and even her heart....

Sick and Twisted Cartoons by Gaspirtz

A collection of Gaspirtz award-winning cartoons.

Category: Comics
Comics for Cops

Comics for Cops is a tribute to all the hard working men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day for an often less than grateful public. This book captures the human side of police officers, and finds humor in the often very stressful...

Category: Comics
Famous Quotes About Sex

Funny, inspiring and thought-provoking celebrity quotes about sex, love, life, humor, marriage and relationships, and how we are all connected. We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but its a pity so many people despise and crush this natural...

Category: Non-Fiction
The 100 Best Yo Mama Jokes

A collection of the very best Yo Mama Jokes Yo Mama So Fat, Yo Mama So Ugly, Yo Mama So Stupid and many more

Category: Humor
Black and White

Black and White takes the reader beyond Gaspirtz colorful cartoons with a collection of the artists monochromatic photographs.

Category: Non-Fiction
German Graves

A haunting stroll through a cemetery in the old Imperial City of Aachen, Germany.

Category: Historical
Famous Quotes About Racism

We live in a globally connected world. Racism should be a thing of the past, and yet, it still exists. This book explores some of the root causes of racism, and how we can overcome it. Famous celebrities, writers and politicians discuss their experiences...

Category: Non-Fiction
Black Blade

Lance knows that at heart hes a knight, so when the sword Excalibur turns up in a museum toilet, he does what any red blooded hero would do. Grabbing the sword, he takes on the quest and never asks unimportant questions like why While Megan, his loyal...

Category: Young Adult
German Wisdom

German Wisdom features a fascinating collection of funny, inspirational and thought-provoking quotes by some of Germanys greatest poets, thinkers and philosophers, as well as from contemporary Germans of note. See the world through their eyes as they...

Category: Non-Fiction
Maldene - Volume One

Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons but home also to an incredible secret. One jealously guarded by Historys most villainous being Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods and men the world is...

Category: Fantasy
Bad Choices Make Good Stories - Going to New York

A shocking glimpse into the crazy lives of drug addicted prostitutes. You'll never look at heroin addicts the same way again.

Bad Choices Make Good Stories - The Heroin Scene in Fort Myers

A shocking glimpse into the crazy lives of drug addicted prostitutes. You'll never look at heroin addicts the same way again.

New Orleans Graves

A haunting stroll through a cemetery in New Orleans.

Category: Historical
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 The Remover Young Adult 7 5.5 Stats
#22 How To REBUILD YOURSELF Self Help 6 7.4 Stats
#23 Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends Free 6 7 Stats
#24 The Worst Dead Baby Jokes of All Time Humor 6 8.5 Stats
#25 Self-THERAPY Self Help 5 7.3 Stats
#26 Bad Choices Make Good Stories - Finding Happiness in Los Angeles Biographies & Memoirs 5 16.9 Stats
#27 Fire in the North Fantasy 5 9.5 Stats
#28 Bound for Passion: Erotic Love Stories Erotica 5 10.1 Stats
#29 Scotland Roadtrip Non-Fiction 5 7.3 Stats
#30 Timing Is Everything Romance 5 4.3 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#31 Dear Dad Action & Adventure 5 4.6 Stats
#32 Whisper Bay - Oliver and Chloe, The Beginning Romance 5 4.3 Stats
#33 The Amusing Quest for the little Genius - BOOK 2. Fun puzzles for children For Kids 5 3.9 Stats
#34 Tales of Survival Domestic Violence Non-Fiction 5 3.7 Stats
#35 Why Creeps Don't Know They're Creeps Humor 4 2.7 Stats
#36 Embers - A Collection of Dark Fiction Horror 4 9.2 Stats
#37 Torn Apart Convergence Book 1 Fantasy 4 6.7 Stats
#38 New York to Los Angeles Roadtrip Non-Fiction 4 6.2 Stats
#39 Stealing Beauty - A Fairy Tales After Dark novel Romance 4 2.8 Stats
#40 My Mr. Manny Romance 4 2.8 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#41 Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets For Kids 4 2.8 Stats
#42 Military Friends ABC For Kids 4 2.8 Stats
#43 A Silent Figure Anthologies 4 2.7 Stats
#44 Keto Diet For Beginners - How To Lose Weight Fast And Get Healthy Non-Fiction 4 3.2 Stats
#45 Dragons Reclaim - The Book of Tremor: Part One Fantasy 4 3.1 Stats
#46 CHECKMATE Crime, Thriller & Suspense 4 3.6 Stats
#47 Finding Bluefield Historical 4 4.1 Stats
#48 Espionage - London Crime, Thriller & Suspense 4 4.1 Stats
#49 The Dommes Daughter A Touch Too Real Erotica 4 2.3 Stats
#50 Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One Jans Rainbow Self Help 4 3.4 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#51 Dreams Of A Angel Gothic Princess and Angel Series Volume 1 Romance 4 3.1 Stats
#52 Coffee and Sugar Poetry 4 2.9 Stats
#53 Iset's Pharaoh Erotica 4 2.6 Stats
#54 Salome-A Modern Retelling Erotica 4 2.7 Stats
#55 The Ketogenic Cookbook Non-Fiction 4 2.2 Stats
#56 Firm Resolve Crime, Thriller & Suspense 4 3.8 Stats
#57 Rouge Desires Horror 4 2.9 Stats
#58 TRIPLE SHOT DOUBLECROSS Action & Adventure 4 3.9 Stats
#59 Intersex Traits Getting Past Transphobia Non-Fiction 4 3.1 Stats
#60 The Quantum Mechanic The Secret Science Fiction 4 3.2 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#61 Uncontrolled Obsession Erotica 4 2.5 Stats
#62 Objects of Pleasure Action & Adventure 4 2.4 Stats
#63 Sam Stephens 1 - The Weatherman Action & Adventure 4 0.8 Stats
#64 Werewolf First Moon Horror 3 3.2 Stats
#65 Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be Romance 3 3.6 Stats
#66 Grandpas 1 to 10 and Back Again For Kids 3 1.9 Stats
#67 D.I.Y. Therapy Healing Depression Self Help 3 3.5 Stats
#68 Bloodstone Institute Horror 3 2.7 Stats
#69 Fall from Chaos: The Aqualines Action & Adventure 3 3.9 Stats
#70 Grow Sum Nutz Self Help 3 2.1 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#71 Cold Comfort Crime, Thriller & Suspense 3 2.7 Stats
#72 I Will Love You Forever Romance 3 2.3 Stats
#73 The Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy Young Adult 3 1.5 Stats
#74 Dibbers and Doodads For Kids 3 3.7 Stats
#75 Winslow: The Lost Hunters Crime, Thriller & Suspense 3 4.4 Stats
#76 Virtue Erotica 3 2.7 Stats
#77 The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet Action & Adventure 3 3 Stats
#78 Not Quite Eden Young Adult 3 3.7 Stats
#79 The Stoplight Romance 3 2.4 Stats
#80 The Council - The Witch's Ambitions Trilogy 1 Fantasy 3 2.7 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#81 Reversal Romance 3 3.5 Stats
#82 Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play Non-Fiction 3 3.3 Stats
#83 Reign of Terror: A Serial Killer Mystery Thriller Crime, Thriller & Suspense 3 3.4 Stats
#84 Proof of Virtue Romance 3 2.4 Stats
#85 Police Humor Humor 3 2.2 Stats
#86 Tea and Madness Biographies & Memoirs 3 3.4 Stats
#87 RUINS - The Ancient Secret Science Fiction 3 3 Stats
#88 Under The Blood Red Sky Crime, Thriller & Suspense 3 3.1 Stats
#89 You Can Take Better Pictures: Snap your snapshots into shape Self Help 3 3.1 Stats
#90 Serval Son: Spots and Stripes Forever Biographies & Memoirs 3 2.2 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#91 Words Can Never Hurt Me Young Adult 3 5.4 Stats
#92 Duplicating Da Vinci Erotica 3 2.6 Stats
#93 Precedence Bondage is Part of The Game Crime, Thriller & Suspense 3 2.3 Stats
#94 Ketogenic Diet - Top 10 Keto Breakfast Recipes Non-Fiction 3 2.5 Stats
#95 Mamzer Young Adult 3 5 Stats
#96 What Would a Muslim Say Conversations, Questions, and Answers About Islam Religion & Spirituality 3 2.7 Stats
#97 The Indian Space Programme Non-Fiction 3 2.2 Stats
#98 I Do Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures Biographies & Memoirs 3 2.3 Stats
#99 The Secrets Between Her Thighs Erotica 3 2.8 Stats
#100 The Teen Photographer Young Adult 3 2.7 Stats