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I think I know you...Karunya, Do I?

Karunya, a Hindu Delhi boy and Aasma, a Muslim Lucknow girl fall for each other while battling against a series of strange events. They set out on an adventure trip to unravel a mystery which has made their life miserable in the past few months. But...


The first time I saw Abby Osborne, I knew I had to have her. I want to own her. I want to breathe her. I want to see her smile. I want to see her cry. But, more than anything, I want to watch as panic seizes her immobile. I need to see the look on...

Meeting With My Killer

Suddenly Shivalkar came to know that he would be killed within few days as he had participated on an online dead game. How he joined the game Who was the Killer Did he know him Was the killer having any physical existence Would he be able to save...

30 Stories

Rich Rhodes would rather die than go back to prison, so what does he do when Newark Police have him cornered on top of a 30-story high rise He jumps.... Fall with him as each floor that he passes tells another chapter to his story until ultimately you...

Blue Bottle Tree

A high school boy is poisoned with a Voodoo potion that is so strong he is pronounced dead. But he is not 100 percent dead. He has been turned into a zombie-- a real zombie And his girlfriend is his only hope.

The Winter Killer

She may look like an angel, but she is a cold-blooded killer, and it is your mistake if you think she is anything else. In her world, even the insane seem sane. Lacey Pierce is a twenty-five-year-old serial killer. If she picks you as her target, then...

Precedence Bondage is Part of The Game

An electrifying mind-blowing masterpiece of fantasy and crime. This sci-fi fantasy story is the monarch on the marketplace. The homeless disappearing, who would even notice Unless your identity was mistaken


A partially dressed Detective Sergeant Dagmar Johnson wakes up lying next to an unknown man in an unknown house. In an attempt to discover how she ended up there, events that follow lead her to an encounter with an organised crime gang heavily into...

ClownTown - Pop -257

ClownTown is your average American small town in the U.S. except for one little thing... More than half the towns populous wears clown make-up at all times. Dont get it wrong theyre NOT circus or carnival clowns. They are townsfolk that like to wear...

The Poppy Drop

Florist Lily Schmidt can handle just about any emergency if it involves flowers, but when a box of hydrangeas she needs for a wedding is actually a drug shipment gone wrong, she could risk everything. Her business... her life... and even her heart....

#11 Hatch

LeDarius Brown has been on the run ever since a masked maniac slaughtered his entire immediate family. He decides to move to Detroit, Michigan, where his last surviving family member, Quentin Brown agrees to help him get back on his feet. After six...

Asian Haze

DeWAYNE TWITCHELL has released his latest novel about secrets, drugs, and mystery. This book captures the reader quickly into the storyline and captures the heart of the reader. Randall has a Ph.D. in history who teaches at a college in a small city in...

Winslow: The Lost Hunters

Former wilderness guide Winslow Doyle has been in hiding from the world since his wife died years before. When Cassie Carew asks him to find her missing husband and daughter she will set Winslow on a search that involves murder and kidnapping. Solving...

Bad Memories Asylum

A newly hired doctor has to contend with a nurse who makes Nurse Rachet from One Flew Over The cookoos Nest look like a pussy cat, then add the self-destructive manic depressive asylum director and Doctor Peter Younger is about to enter the fourth realm...

#15 Edgehaven

Known for its beauty and serenity, this peaceful little seaside town is a hidden paradise on the west coast of the British Isles. Glorious mountains kissed the edges of the sea and encapsulated nearly five kilometres of beach. The town built on an...

The Last One to Murder

One mans war for justice served a gripping serial killer thriller opens the wounds left behind from the Vietnam War. Xuan Lang is the sole surviving member of a family of three a man with nothing left to lose. His wife and daughter were brutally...

Sins of the Son

In the early 1990s, two Italian organized crime families were battling for the control of New York City, when an unpredictable secret affair between rivals could signal ending the war, once and for all. The Giulianis, after being in control of the New...

The Forgotten Child

Ever since Riley Thomas, reluctant medium extraordinaire, accidentally released a malevolent spirit from a Ouija board when she was thirteen, shes taken a hard pass on scary movies, haunted houses, and cemeteries. So when her best friend pressures her...

Bad Blood Empire

After a decade of covert war in the streets of London, Zakariya Mansouri and his ambitious associates finally rule over the citys underworld. But just as the other families look to accept their defeat, an even bigger threat emerges from within his own...

Deadstock The Story of a Wall Street Trader

In a time when greed is good and money talks, one man has had enough of living in the big, rotten apple. 1986 is coming to an end, the economy is booming, Manhattan looks beautifully white and festive from the back of his private limo. From the outside...

Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 The Rubicon A Gripping Crime Novel Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#22 Reflex Action A Thrilling Crime Novel Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#23 Espionage - London Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#24 Pea Pod Murder Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#25 Sacrifice Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#26 If It Walks Like A Killer Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#27 Captive A New Life Series book 1 Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#28 A Grave Misunderstanding Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#29 Cold Comfort Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#30 Firm Resolve Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#31 Kidnapped in Love Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#32 The Pier Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#33 The Workhouse Mysteries: The Tale of the Depressed Man Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#34 Missing Angel Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#35 CHECKMATE Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#36 The Corruption of Power Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#37 Levels to my Insanity UnMastered Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#38 Don't Go, Ramanya Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#39 Darkness and Blood Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#40 The Chicago Kdnapping Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#41 Uniquely Mine Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#42 A Major Plane crash Ended it all Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#43 Under The Blood Red Sky Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#44 Reign of Terror: A Serial Killer Mystery Thriller Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#45 Dead by Morning Rituals of the Night 1 Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
#46 BODY MOD Crime, Thriller & Suspense 0 0 Stats
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