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The Mystery Of The Invisible Hole

Everyone loves adventures. Even the small group of children in this adventure. But who knew that a small adventure in the nearby mountains would end up into a big disaster, or you can say a criminal case Where in the world does someone disappear in...

Category: Action & Adventure
The Chains Were In His Mind


Category: Action & Adventure
Diets Don't Work Self Mastery Series

First book on Self Mastery Serie. n This book talks life style vs dieting, how to budget and how to shop, forgiving yourself for loosing your way, to how to make small changes

Category: Action & Adventure
Snow Falls

Sometimes half an inch is all that stands between life and death. Abraham Snows career ended with a single shot. Left for dead, the undercover operative barely survived an assassins bullet. After a long and painful recovery, Snow retires. He returns...

Category: Action & Adventure
The Colonel and the Bee

A peculiar explorer and downtrodden acrobat travel the globe on a building-sized hot air balloon, racing against a menagerie of deadly treasure hunters to solve a riddle and locate the precious artifact it promises.

Category: Action & Adventure
Better Luck Next Time Darrell

Better Luck Next Time Darrell is a coming-of-age tale about a 22-year-old college graduate from Connecticut. After he graduated, life starting affecting Darrells life because he found himself in the same dull routine of balancing two jobs as a janitor...

Category: Action & Adventure
Its my Love Life story

This is my first book

Category: Action & Adventure
Cyborg Awakenings Prequel

Cyborgs have been created by the thousands to fight the hundred year alien war. While the fighting goes on in distant colonies survivors and their descendants struggle to survive in what was once Chicago. They live in ruined buildings without utilities...

Category: Action & Adventure
Ki-Chan Demon Hunter Book 1

Kiana Chan Ki-Chan is an American born orphan, living in Japan, who has a supernatural energy and a dark past. After watching her parents being murdered by demons, this yellow-capped kid suffers from PTSD, aggravating her budding powers. But after she...

Category: Action & Adventure

This book reflects my deepest passion in life wanderlust, meaning love of travel. Come along with me on my first solo international journey, a 10,000-mile hitchhike from my home in Wisconsin to Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula via the West Coast of the United...

Category: Action & Adventure
The Secret of the 48th Foot

Two college professors come on clues to the location of a chest of gold silver Gen. Braddock lost in 1755 and go hunting or it, all the while a band of mad militiamen are after the same chest - and are determined to get rid of anyone else who may be...

Category: Action & Adventure
The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet

Two brothers, with one job, keep the zombie apocalypse from happening. Action packed, funny and gory. If youre a fan of things like Ash vs Evil Dead or Z Nation, youll love this book.

Category: Action & Adventure
Dom's Ascension

The Mariani family has one shot to take over the Las Vegas crime syndicate, and it begins with an elaborate dinner designed to impress their allies. When their head chef disappears, Dominico Mariani is tasked with guarding the new hire, a striking...

Category: Action & Adventure
Objects of Pleasure

June Turners teenage son, Eric, is turning into somebody she doesnt recognize. Shes losing him to a dark compulsion she doesnt understand how to fight. At a loss, she gives in to her husbands pleas to return to church, hoping to find a community she can...

Category: Action & Adventure
Fall from Chaos: The Aqualines

Zeus Aqualine is King of the Gods and rules over all that reside within his domain. His castle is full of his Godly family and his kingdom is full of peasants waiting to do his bidding. Life has been good for Zeus ever since he forcefully took the...

Category: Action & Adventure
7 Things To Master To Gain Financial Freedom Learning the Basics of Personal Finance

The journey to financial freedom is not easy, nor its complicated. 7 Things to Master to Gain Financial Freedom Learning the Basics of Personal Finance simply gets straight to the point on what the readers needed to know to launch a successful journey...

Category: Action & Adventure
#17 Dear Dad
Dear Dad

A man is the product of the 60s, but he is not sure which 60s. After descending to the depths of hell as a medic in Vietnam, John Foster salvages his soul and honor through the love of his wife, the devotion of his father and a mystical trip back to...

Category: Action & Adventure
Seniors On The Run

A running guide for those over 40.

Category: Action & Adventure
Mission: Subhero

Unassuming genius, Nelson, discovers a secret to coding that suddenly has him behaving like a superhero When he decides to share it with the world, government agencies come unglued and conspire to stop him. With the world watching and waiting for their...

Category: Action & Adventure
Kidnapped in Love2 Backfire

Trisha has dealt with the death of her husband and being kidnapped by a man she thought was her friend. Her life is good, now.

Category: Action & Adventure
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