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Barnacle Brat - a dark comedy for grown-ups

A modern-day Billy Liar meets Donnie Darko a tale of alienation, loss, and a young mans imagination spinning wildly out of control.

Category: Humor
Beyond the Waves My Royal Navy Adventures

As a child, the author dreamt of action, adventure, and foreign travel. At the age of 20, he took the first tentative steps towards achieving those goals he joined Her Majestys Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprentice. Beyond the Waves follows his progress...

Single-Crewed My Life as a Police Officer

Having travelled the world in the Royal Navy, the author was unable to settle into the slower pace of life as a civilian. He yearned for action and excitement. He missed the camaraderie of his former life. His search led him to the Lincolnshire Police...

Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Finding Happiness in Los Angeles

After writing a book about his bizarre adventures in America's underbelly, Oliver finally finds love among his readers on Goodreads.

Tea and Madness

Tea Madness, a memoir written in prose and poetry, is separated into the four seasons inspired by C. Streetlights experiences grieving a lost baby, coping with depression, anger, betrayal, surviving rape, and the accepting that there are some things she...

The Men I Chose... Life is Never All Roses

The Men I Chose... Life is Never All Roses Is about different relationships with the Men I Chose to deal with and how it shape me I to the woman I am today.

Spanish painter and sculptor Juan Gris 160 selected artists pictures

One of favorite artists, and the only Cubist talented enough to make Picasso uncomfortable, Juan Gris built upon the foundations of early Cubism and steered the movement in new directions. A member of the tight-knit circle of avant-garde artists working...

Black Sheep, Rising

Remember the timid girl with dark brown eyes from school She was the one who was silently observant, never participating, never quite fitting in with the tidal waves of Southern California blondes. She threw her graduation cap up toward the sun, walking...

Hidden Lives Anthology

Streetlights When streetlights were in vogue, it was an easier time. Cars were made of pure steel and rubber. They weighed tons and not pounds. Their engines sucked high-octane petroleum faster than a starving baby from a mothers teat. End of...

Category: Anthologies
Sauced up, Scarred and at Sleaze

An anthology of 8 salacious short stories and novelettes thatll make you cringe in disgust, involuntarily guffaw and release few bum squeaks. Or as one reviewer put it, Not for the faint of heart.

Category: Anthologies
Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York

True crime that's even more twisted than Tiger King.

Category: Romance
Embers - A Collection of Dark Fiction

Where darkness dwells, embers light the way. From the author of the short story collections These Old Tales and Fresh Cut Tales comes his latest effort, Embers A Collection of Dark Fiction. In his youth Cain developed a sense of wonderment owed in part...

Category: Horror
#13 Mamzer

In a world where vampires are not magical, mythical creatures, but a very mortal species which evolved alongside humankind, we shadow the story of Yoska. Yoska is a special sort of vampire known as a mamzer, or polluted one. The tale begins with his...

Category: Young Adult
Timing Is Everything

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words... A young woman is given a gift from her grandmother that turns out to be much more than what it appears to be. Her life changes in one moment. Her every action becomes not only the past, but the future...

Category: Romance
Poetry Train

Historical FictionNon-Fiction on Poetry and Railroads Worldwide

Category: Action & Adventure
Precedence Bondage is Part of The Game

An electrifying mind-blowing masterpiece of fantasy and crime. This sci-fi fantasy story is the monarch on the marketplace. The homeless disappearing, who would even notice Unless your identity was mistaken

The Remover

Christian Carmack is a vampire experiencing a mid-life crisis. He still has an unhealthy attachment to his long-dead wife, he is struggling with his faith, and he is dealing with a mental illness. There comes a time in every vampires life when he begins...

Category: Young Adult
RUINS - The Ancient Secret

RUINS - The Ancient Secret is an amazing science fiction novel telling the story of a group of Scientists who discover the imminent destruction of the Earth. During a research project on a comet, they find that the Asteroid Pallas is nearing the Earth...

Category: Science Fiction
Apologies From a Repentant Christian

I called myself a Christian because I wore a cross, prayed to God and attended church regularly. Yet, I lied, gossiped, and judged others without mercy. I misrepresented my God with my behavior, attitude, and words. Such was my life. In my prayers, I...

Panther's Spellbook of Torment, Torture, and Terror

Dont just sit there and take everyone elses crap, when you can actually do something about it I put together a lovely collection of spells meant to torment, to torture, and to strike fear into the heart of your enemies.

Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 Veterans - Heroes in Our Neighborhood For Kids 2 6.5 Stats
#22 The Red Prince Fantasy 2 6.3 Stats
#23 Her Will Erotica 2 8.1 Stats
#24 Wolfen Science Fiction 2 5.3 Stats
#25 Grandpas 1 to 10 and Back Again For Kids 2 2.4 Stats
#26 Uncontrolled Obsession Erotica 2 5.4 Stats
#27 Red Book of Poems Poetry 2 3.2 Stats
#28 Deepening Your Personal Relationships Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication Self Help 2 1.3 Stats
#29 Love and Other Inconveniences Poetry 2 2.6 Stats
#30 Twin Villains Science Fiction 2 3.7 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#31 The Foot Doctor Letters A Serial Killer Speaks Out Horror 2 3.7 Stats
#32 The Workhouse Mysteries: The Tale of the Depressed Man Crime, Thriller & Suspense 2 5 Stats
#33 Wendys Song Historical 2 3.5 Stats
#34 Obsession Crime, Thriller & Suspense 2 2.9 Stats
#35 That Sexy Lady Erotica 2 5.3 Stats
#36 Magnificet Treasure Historical 2 3.1 Stats
#37 Seventies Child Biographies & Memoirs 2 2.6 Stats
#38 A Silent Figure Anthologies 2 1.9 Stats
#39 Tales of You Anthologies 2 1.7 Stats
#40 Trillion Dollar Sky Science Fiction 2 4 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#41 The Penn - A Horror Short Story Free 2 1.3 Stats
#42 Corner Confessions - A Novel Anthologies 2 1.4 Stats
#43 How To Survive The Twilight Zone Of Stay Home Fatherhood Non-Fiction 2 5.6 Stats
#44 Tails that leave trails Poetry 2 3.1 Stats
#45 God's Patient Pursuit of My Soul Biographies & Memoirs 2 4.7 Stats
#46 They say WOMEN Shouldnt PREACH Religion & Spirituality 2 3.7 Stats
#47 F.U.C.K. Erotica 2 17 Stats
#48 PenanceDisruption Crime, Thriller & Suspense 2 2 Stats
#49 UNMASKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST Religion & Spirituality 2 2.6 Stats
#50 Fangs In the Darkness Science Fiction 2 2.8 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#51 The Colonel and the Bee Action & Adventure 2 2.2 Stats
#52 Detours in Time Science Fiction 2 1.2 Stats
#53 Wrong Place Wrong Time Biographies & Memoirs 2 0.8 Stats
#54 You, Me, Us, Them The Swinger Manifesto Erotica 1 17.5 Stats
#55 Bound for Passion: Erotic Love Stories Erotica 1 15 Stats
#56 Fire in the North Fantasy 1 13.4 Stats
#57 The Poppy Drop Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 4.7 Stats
#58 Self-THERAPY Self Help 1 5.8 Stats
#59 Grigory's Gadget Fantasy 1 31.3 Stats
#60 Not Quite Eden Young Adult 1 13.6 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#61 Maldene - Volume One Fantasy 1 19.3 Stats
#62 The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet Action & Adventure 1 12.7 Stats
#63 Winslow: The Lost Hunters Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 12.3 Stats
#64 Blood Moon Young Adult 1 6 Stats
#65 Their Meddling Aunt Erotica 1 5.1 Stats
#66 The Amusing Quest for the little Genius - BOOK 2. Fun puzzles for children For Kids 1 6.1 Stats
#67 Nyssa (Goddess of War Series, Book 1) Fantasy 1 26.1 Stats
#68 Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One Jans Rainbow Self Help 1 4.7 Stats
#69 Dear Dad Action & Adventure 1 6.4 Stats
#70 Stealing Beauty - A Fairy Tales After Dark novel Romance 1 1.9 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#71 Beauty and the Bitch Erotica 1 9.1 Stats
#72 Whisper Bay - Oliver and Chloe, The Beginning Romance 1 11.3 Stats
#73 Crimson Savior Young Adult 1 11.9 Stats
#74 Tortillas Peanut Butter True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler Biographies & Memoirs 1 8.2 Stats
#75 Werewolf First Moon Horror 1 4.9 Stats
#76 21 Days to Happiness Increase Your Happiness, Productivity and Energy Self Help 1 2.6 Stats
#77 Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets For Kids 1 6.5 Stats
#78 Secrets of Ravenstone (Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One) Young Adult 1 3.7 Stats
#79 Jane Scare: A Short Story Horror 1 7.5 Stats
#80 The Impossible Return to Innocence Fantasy 1 17.9 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#81 Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror Horror 1 4.9 Stats
#82 Gone Diving My Adventures Above and Below the Waves Biographies & Memoirs 1 0.4 Stats
#83 CHECKMATE Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 6.9 Stats
#84 Aynesworthy House Horror 1 3.8 Stats
#85 Word of God Bhagavad Gita Religion & Spirituality 1 8 Stats
#86 A Grave Misunderstanding Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 6.3 Stats
#87 Dead by Morning Rituals of the Night 1 Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 2.9 Stats
#88 Clans of the Silver Hills Fantasy 1 1.6 Stats
#89 Cold Comfort Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 6.2 Stats
#90 Clocks Watch Fantasy 1 9.3 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#91 Eastern erotic motives In charming pictures of Eduard Ansen-Hofmann Action & Adventure 1 7.2 Stats
#92 Words Can Never Hurt Me Young Adult 1 10.7 Stats
#93 What Would a Muslim Say Conversations, Questions, and Answers About Islam Religion & Spirituality 1 5.3 Stats
#94 The Simple Guide To Holiness Religion & Spirituality 1 4.8 Stats
#95 Tales of Survival Domestic Violence Non-Fiction 1 7.2 Stats
#96 Dibbers and Doodads For Kids 1 4.9 Stats
#97 Book of Dark Stories Horror 1 5.6 Stats
#98 Womb Man: How I Survived Growing Up ... Biographies & Memoirs 1 6.7 Stats
#99 The Gargoyle Redemption Trilogy Young Adult 1 1.6 Stats
#100 You Can Take Better Pictures: Snap your snapshots into shape Self Help 1 1.9 Stats