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New Orleans Graves

A haunting stroll through a cemetery in New Orleans.

Category: Historical
Embers - A Collection of Dark Fiction

Where darkness dwells, embers light the way. From the author of the short story collections These Old Tales and Fresh Cut Tales comes his latest effort, Embers A Collection of Dark Fiction. In his youth Cain developed a sense of wonderment owed in part...

Category: Horror
Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York

True crime that's even more twisted than Tiger King.

Category: Romance

Jemma and Rob have been together for almost six years, raising their son Ian, with another on the way. They have just bought their dream home, Robs business is booming, it seems that life couldnt get any better.... ...or so they thought. Never in a...

Category: Erotica
Police Humor

Police Humor is a tribute to all the hard working men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day for an often less than grateful public. With over 120 pages of cartoons, strange but true police reports, weird news from around the world,...

Category: Humor
Master May I

Alyssa K is the It girl in town, loving her life as a successful erotica author and BDSM enthusiast. She says yes to life and all it has to offer, never afraid to see what happens next. Darrius is the towns playboy sheriff, a lifestyle dominant and...

Category: Erotica
#7 Virtue

One thing she could control was her virtue, until she met the hazel eyed, handsome, Maddox. He always got what he wanted. and he wanted her. This love story comes emotional ups and downs and lessons to be learned. Will Reagan accept his world Follow...

Category: Erotica
Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus

A fantasy novel that takes place in the medieval Kingdom of Eprus. The story of Nyla Fleetwood and her friends, Soren Rainey and Kieran Evans, as they grow into adults and face the Evil that is just awakening, threatening to destroy all they know and...

Category: Fantasy
Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus

Eprus is the medieval fantasy world of Eclipse. In this world, the capitol, Leydford, is home to the Elite School, where warriors are brought up from infancy and trained. At 16 years of age, the young warriors or Elites Squires, as they are called...

Category: Fantasy
Fire in the North

Insurrection is brewing in the kingdom of Asterland. The newly formed bounty hunting partnership between John Cotterill and a dwarven shieldmaiden, Bienia Ironfist, began well enough. However, if they thought it would all be collecting back taxes and...

Category: Fantasy
Bound for Passion: Erotic Love Stories

When Vivienne sits inconsolable in the hospital chapel, the last encounter she expects is a fervent entanglement with an otherworldly being, as passions increase she learns for the first time in her life the true meaning of out of this world. In the...

Category: Erotica
The Council - The Witch's Ambitions Trilogy 1

The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabitedand split apartby witches with varying powers. Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Fire, until she suddenly...

Category: Fantasy
Espionage - London

By late 1943, the cost of the war had practically drained Germanys coffers dry. A simple idea became the miracle Hitler needed, to bring Britain to its knees over night. Not only that, but it would save both German and British lives and leave the...

Maldene - Volume One

Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons but home also to an incredible secret. One jealously guarded by Historys most villainous being Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods and men the world is...

Category: Fantasy
Rouge Desires

Late one night the arrival of a mysterious visitor made Lea run for her life and away from everything she knew, leaving her mother behind. Lost and bereft after the loss of her mother, a person for whom she carries great devotion, she fights to maintain...

Category: Horror
Under The Blood Red Sky

Set during some of the bloodiest and most turbulent years of Mexicos war on drugs. The story follows several characters as they fight for survival a family who harbour a survivor of a Cartel massacre, a mother seeking justice rises against the Borderland...

Blood Dragons

A rebel vampire, a red-haired devil, and a Moon Girl battle to save the worldor tear it apart. Light, a bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world, has been hiding in the shadows of paranormal London since Victorian times. His only company A savage...

Category: Fantasy
How to Promote Your Self-Published Kindle Books for Free

Today there are thousands upon thousands of self-published authors. Most of them are invisible. Nobody knows about them or their books. The sad truth is that writing a book is the easy part. Getting it out there, getting it seen, thats the hard part.

Category: Self Help
Cold Comfort

A knock on the office door of Los Angeles private eye Ben Malone can only mean one thing, a new case. Local defense attorney Liz Harper from the Los Angeles law firm Ross Logan pays Malone a visit with an interesting story to tell. Harpers client,...

A Grave Misunderstanding

A GRAVE MISUNDERSTANDING, the first in a new series of Simon Grave Mysteries, is a comic sci-fi spoof of the mystery genre, most notably the locked room mystery. Detective Simon Grave and his nearly invisible partner, Sergeant Barry Blunt, investigate a...

Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 You Can Take Better Pictures: Snap your snapshots into shape Self Help 16 10.3 Stats
#22 The Forgotten Child Crime, Thriller & Suspense 16 10.3 Stats
#23 The House Hungers Horror 15 26.3 Stats
#24 Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror Horror 15 21.5 Stats
#25 Aynesworthy House Horror 15 18.6 Stats
#26 Jane Scare: A Short Story Horror 15 19.4 Stats
#27 Grow Sum Nutz Self Help 15 11.4 Stats
#28 Poetry Train Action & Adventure 15 21.1 Stats
#29 Bad Memories Asylum Crime, Thriller & Suspense 15 19.1 Stats
#30 Scandalous Hoe Fiction Humor 15 15.2 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#31 A Mighty Rolling Thunder Horror 15 7.4 Stats
#32 Dismal Creek Horror 15 5 Stats
#33 Only Human (Act One) Fantasy 15 2.5 Stats
#34 Single-Crewed My Life as a Police Officer Biographies & Memoirs 14 23.3 Stats
#35 The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet Action & Adventure 14 24.3 Stats
#36 Fall from Chaos: The Aqualines Action & Adventure 14 20.8 Stats
#37 The Amusing Quest for the little Genius - BOOK 2. Fun puzzles for children For Kids 14 21 Stats
#38 Sin Self Help 14 15.6 Stats
#39 Keeping Our Forever Romance 14 21.9 Stats
#40 Mobbing - Sophisticated Bullying in the Workplace Non-Fiction 14 12.4 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#41 Seventies Child Biographies & Memoirs 14 7.2 Stats
#42 Bad Choices Make Good Stories: The Heroin Scene in Fort Myers Romance 13 47.2 Stats
#43 Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends Humor 13 15.3 Stats
#44 For Love Or Freedom Romance 13 25.3 Stats
#45 Floating Around Hollywood: And Other Totally-True Tales of Triumph Humor 13 19.7 Stats
#46 Fossils - Viagra snuff and Rock n Roll Humor 13 19.3 Stats
#47 A Major Plane crash Ended it all Crime, Thriller & Suspense 13 10.7 Stats
#48 Dom's Ascension Action & Adventure 13 5.7 Stats
#49 You, Me, Us, Them The Swinger Manifesto Erotica 12 54.6 Stats
#50 Reflections Fantasy 12 29.9 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#51 Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets For Kids 12 18.4 Stats
#52 Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One Jans Rainbow Self Help 12 24.3 Stats
#53 Crimson Savior Young Adult 12 18.3 Stats
#54 Tortillas Peanut Butter True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican Smuggler Biographies & Memoirs 12 26.7 Stats
#55 Veterans - Heroes in Our Neighborhood For Kids 12 19.5 Stats
#56 Duplicating Da Vinci Erotica 12 15.9 Stats
#57 Leo Learns About Anger For Kids 12 14.2 Stats
#58 Womb Man: How I Survived Growing Up ... Biographies & Memoirs 12 16.2 Stats
#59 Cat! The Helpful Owl For Kids 12 13.3 Stats
#60 Pharaoh's Arrow For Kids 12 8.3 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#61 Uncontrolled Obsession Erotica 12 12.2 Stats
#62 Unorthodox Therapy Erotica 12 2.5 Stats
#63 A Valentine's Bind (Manchester Dominants & Submissives Book 1) Erotica 12 3.2 Stats
#64 Pikeminnow Rewards Action & Adventure 12 1.6 Stats
#65 Black Blade Young Adult 11 28.8 Stats
#66 Why Creeps Don't Know They're Creeps Humor 11 17.2 Stats
#67 Dear Dad Action & Adventure 11 21 Stats
#68 Funny Minecraft Memes For Kids 11 16 Stats
#69 Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be Romance 11 7.2 Stats
#70 Ghost Town For Kids 11 11.1 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#71 The Indian Space Programme Non-Fiction 11 10.6 Stats
#72 Spanish painter and sculptor Juan Gris 160 selected artists pictures Biographies & Memoirs 11 19.2 Stats
#73 Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be 2 Romance 11 8.6 Stats
#74 Eat More Not Less To Lose Weight Self Help 11 5.8 Stats
#75 Grigory's Gadget Fantasy 10 29.3 Stats
#76 Blood Moon Young Adult 10 26.3 Stats
#77 Scotland Roadtrip Non-Fiction 10 17.8 Stats
#78 Tea and Madness Biographies & Memoirs 10 23.5 Stats
#79 I Do Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures Biographies & Memoirs 10 21.2 Stats
#80 Blue Book of Quotes Young Adult 10 24.5 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#81 Grandpas 1 to 10 and Back Again For Kids 10 11.9 Stats
#82 Seniors On The Run Action & Adventure 10 17.7 Stats
#83 Wolfen Science Fiction 10 17.6 Stats
#84 Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation Self Help 10 13.8 Stats
#85 The Workhouse Mysteries: The Tale of the Depressed Man Crime, Thriller & Suspense 10 9.6 Stats
#86 Reign of Terror: A Serial Killer Mystery Thriller Crime, Thriller & Suspense 10 5.6 Stats
#87 Risk Erotica 10 1.6 Stats
#88 Werewolf First Moon Horror 9 24.1 Stats
#89 New York to Los Angeles Roadtrip Non-Fiction 9 13.3 Stats
#90 RUINS - The Ancient Secret Science Fiction 9 16.2 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#91 Vertigo Girl Non-Fiction 9 16.1 Stats
#92 Red Book of Poems Poetry 9 12.9 Stats
#93 Aster Science Fiction 9 13 Stats
#94 Recovering Confidence A Guide for Male Survivors of Domineering Women Self Help 9 13.1 Stats
#95 Love and Other Inconveniences Poetry 9 12.6 Stats
#96 Coffee and Sugar Poetry 9 12.4 Stats
#97 Poems Poetry 9 11.7 Stats
#98 Imperfect Mermaid Young Adult 9 11.9 Stats
#99 Spend Few Moments With Poetry And Piece Poetry 9 12.5 Stats
#100 Let No Day Dawn that the Animals Cannot Share Poetry 9 12.3 Stats