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You, Me, Us, Them The Swinger Manifesto

ABOUT THE BOOK Some dream about it. Some indulge. The rest are curious about introducing themselves to the swing culture. You, Me, Us, Them is a thorough examination of the Lifestyle commonly known to swingers as the LS. As couple swapping is...

Category: Erotica
The Council - The Witch's Ambitions Trilogy 1

The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabitedand split apartby witches with varying powers. Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Fire, until she suddenly...

Category: Fantasy
Torn Apart Convergence Book 1

As a priestess in the service of the dragon goddess, Halea must roam the land hunting demons and sealing tears caused by the Chaos Dimension that seeks to converge with their world. She has sworn an oath to devote herself only to her goddess, and if...

Category: Fantasy
Grigory's Gadget

Lodninsk, Morozhia is a frozen, industrial wasteland. Isolated by steep mountains and ruled by an authoritarian government, it isnt anyones idea of home-sweet-home. Zoya and her friends Demyan, Lilia, Anya, and Nikolai decide to leave their freezing...

Category: Fantasy
Why Creeps Don't Know They're Creeps

What Game of Thrones can teach us about relationships and Hollywood scandals.

Category: Humor
Hero High - Figure In The Flames

Friday Fitzsimmons is a hero. Which is to say, shes a prisoner, a captive of contracts, cameras and her own heavy conscience. Together with the rest of her class, she learns to joke, quip and fit into costumes two sizes too small, but when her city is...

Category: Young Adult
For Love Or Freedom

Tatum has been trying her hardest to keep her head above water. Life sometimes tries its hardest to drag you down beneath that surface, and then its just a matter of whos will is strongest. For Love Or Freedom is a story of heartbreak and hope, defeat...

Category: Romance
Espionage - London

By late 1943, the cost of the war had practically drained Germanys coffers dry. A simple idea became the miracle Hitler needed, to bring Britain to its knees over night. Not only that, but it would save both German and British lives and leave the...

Winslow: The Lost Hunters

Former wilderness guide Winslow Doyle has been in hiding from the world since his wife died years before. When Cassie Carew asks him to find her missing husband and daughter she will set Winslow on a search that involves murder and kidnapping. Solving...


A humble youth. A paranormal gift. A haunting history. In 1974, Shane Sullivan is a quiet, gangly teen in the suburbs of Boston who discovers he can explore the ancestral memories of a persons lineage. Confused and frightened, his pursuit of this...

Category: Fantasy
The House Hungers

A dream come true turns into a nightmare. . . Jennifer Berwick always dreamed of having a place to call her own. When a long-forgotten aunt died and left her a beautiful old estate, she thought those dreams had come true. Shortly after arriving at her...

Category: Horror
The Amusing Quest for the little Genius - BOOK 2. Fun puzzles for children

In this book, we gathered exciting tasks for your child that will teach him logical thinking and concentration. In the form of a game, it will help to awake the curiosity and desire to learn something new. Also, there are 9 tracing number practice...

Category: For Kids
#13 Dear Dad
Dear Dad

A man is the product of the 60s, but he is not sure which 60s. After descending to the depths of hell as a medic in Vietnam, John Foster salvages his soul and honor through the love of his wife, the devotion of his father and a mystical trip back to...

Category: Action & Adventure
I Do Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures


Floating Around Hollywood: And Other Totally-True Tales of Triumph

A book of humor about what its like to be a floating secretary in Tinsel Town.

Category: Humor
Werewolf First Moon

On the fourteenth of June, 1649 Wilton Wilson went out on a hunting trip and came back a changed man. In the hearts of man lurkk many beast, but none quite so tragic and cruel as the one that swallowed him whole and left him to awake in horror.

Category: Horror
21 Days to Happiness Increase Your Happiness, Productivity and Energy

Struggling to find work-life balance Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated Learn how to increase your happiness in just 10 minutes a day Feeling busy, stressed or disappointed has become the new normal. The truth is it doesnt have to be that way and the...

Category: Self Help
Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets

An excited young boys wildest dreams come true when he discovers a stray tank at the park and takes it home as a pet. Over the course of the next week and through a series of adventures and mishaps, he starts to realize that tanks may not make good pets...

Category: For Kids
The Secrets Between Her Thighs

Mercedes Barbie made a life changing decision causing her tolose her entire family. Being blackballed by her own blood, Miss Barbie felt the only way she could get through life is by using her looks. Only to find out that living life in the spotlight...

Category: Erotica
Serval Son: Spots and Stripes Forever

What its like to own--and be owned by--a wild cat for seventeen years. Thinking of getting an exotic cat Look before you leap

Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 How to Relieve Stress Naturally and Stop Worrying in Minutes Non-Fiction 1 33 Stats
#22 Proof of Virtue Romance 1 23.1 Stats
#23 The Teen Photographer Young Adult 1 6.8 Stats
#24 Scandalous Hoe Fiction Humor 1 18.3 Stats
#25 Dead by Morning Rituals of the Night 1 Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 9.2 Stats
#26 Fossils - Viagra snuff and Rock n Roll Humor 1 9.7 Stats
#27 Cold Comfort Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 9.8 Stats
#28 How to Promote Your Self-Published Kindle Books for Free Self Help 1 10.8 Stats
#29 Clocks Watch Fantasy 1 20.7 Stats
#30 Eastern erotic motives In charming pictures of Eduard Ansen-Hofmann Action & Adventure 1 20.9 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#31 Dibbers and Doodads For Kids 1 11.4 Stats
#32 Book of Dark Stories Horror 1 7.5 Stats
#33 Salome-A Modern Retelling Erotica 1 2.3 Stats
#34 Bubblegum Action & Adventure 1 7.8 Stats
#35 Words Can Never Hurt Me Young Adult 1 19.4 Stats
#36 The Prayer Journal Religion & Spirituality 1 7.2 Stats
#37 Cat! The Helpful Owl For Kids 1 11.7 Stats
#38 Ghost Town For Kids 1 6.4 Stats
#39 The Dommes Daughter A Touch Too Real Erotica 1 4.2 Stats
#40 101 Ways to Finish your Studies Self Help 1 13.8 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#41 Two Angels Romance 1 7.6 Stats
#42 Toxin and other tales Horror 1 10.2 Stats
#43 Spend Few Moments With Poetry And Piece Poetry 1 8.7 Stats
#44 she does interpretive dance Poetry 1 8.8 Stats
#45 Reaper A Spooky Story Of The Paranormal Chill Harvest Book 1 Fantasy 1 26.3 Stats
#46 The Prayer Book Religion & Spirituality 1 9.2 Stats
#47 Under the Moonlight Romance 1 7.1 Stats
#48 Reversal Romance 1 14.8 Stats
#49 Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be Romance 1 7 Stats
#50 Witch Wars Science Fiction 1 9.3 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#51 Catharsis Poetry 1 6 Stats
#52 I think I know you...Karunya, Do I? Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 9.9 Stats
#53 Odessa Lace - Marea Mystic #1: The Mystery of the Gypsy Ring Young Adult 1 17.9 Stats
#54 The Stoplight Romance 1 12.7 Stats
#55 Psychological Healing Through Creative Self-Understanding and Self-Transformation Self Help 1 7 Stats
#56 Sex, Spoons Salsa Romance 1 5.5 Stats
#57 Finding Bluefield Historical 1 11.6 Stats
#58 More Autism Awesometism Devotionals From and About a Special Needs Family Religion & Spirituality 1 6.4 Stats
#59 The restoration Science Fiction 1 7.1 Stats
#60 On Borrowed Luck Fantasy 1 8.3 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#61 Reign of Terror: A Serial Killer Mystery Thriller Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 11 Stats
#62 Hexe Historical 1 7.7 Stats
#63 Birth Stone Fantasy 1 1.3 Stats
#64 RUINS - The Ancient Secret Science Fiction 1 4.7 Stats
#65 Speak the Truth Justice for Miss America Biographies & Memoirs 1 3.5 Stats
#66 Firm Resolve Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 2.1 Stats
#67 Love Wont Let Me Wait Romance 1 6.5 Stats
#68 The Indian Space Programme Non-Fiction 1 0.9 Stats
#69 Mio and Greenwie the Wizard For Kids 1 6.9 Stats
#70 Initiation: An Equestrian Romance (Freedom to Be Me Book 1) Romance 1 4.1 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#71 Curse of the Black Books Fantasy 1 14.1 Stats
#72 A Silent Figure Anthologies 1 4.4 Stats
#73 Master of the Fleet Romance 1 4.1 Stats
#74 stories on lord ganesh series-1 Religion & Spirituality 1 6.5 Stats
#75 Hemiparesis Living Non-Fiction 1 14.4 Stats
#76 Shivers Of Desire Romance 1 3 Stats
#77 Today I Teach Financial Literacy: Parent and Child Money Management Workbook Free 1 4.3 Stats
#78 Tales of You Anthologies 1 4.2 Stats
#79 Iset's Pharaoh Erotica 1 6.2 Stats
#80 Ethan Free 1 4.3 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#81 Swing Low Erotica 1 3.7 Stats
#82 Healthy Mind Healthy Body Self Help 1 8.8 Stats
#83 Submission Backstory Erotica 1 3.8 Stats
#84 Dirty Assets Action & Adventure 1 1.8 Stats
#85 Action Recognition Using Python and Recurrent Neural Network Non-Fiction 1 13.7 Stats
#86 Levels to my Insanity UnMastered Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 5.4 Stats
#87 Transform Yourself Non-Fiction 1 11.7 Stats
#88 The Forgotten Child Crime, Thriller & Suspense 1 2.9 Stats
#89 Maldene Volume Two Fantasy 1 1.7 Stats
#90 Bittersweet Real Talk on Love Sex Family Transformation Non-Fiction 1 10 Stats
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#91 DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal: A Harvest of Memories from the Fan Who Knew Him Best Biographies & Memoirs 1 2.5 Stats
#92 Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook Non-Fiction 1 8.1 Stats
#93 Tails that leave trails Poetry 1 5.5 Stats
#94 Female charm and grace In the pictures of the undeniable master Fernand Toussaint Romance 1 3.1 Stats
#95 100 beautiful erotic pictures Erotica 1 3 Stats
#96 God's Patient Pursuit of My Soul Biographies & Memoirs 1 8.1 Stats
#97 Courage 2 Take The SHOT Self Help 1 0.5 Stats
#98 Unbridled Utterances An Airing of Lifes Undesirable Truths Poetry 1 6 Stats
#99 F.U.C.K. Erotica 1 16.8 Stats
#100 Frozen Display Horror 1 4.1 Stats