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Twin Villains

Two stories of alien villains in a galaxy at war. The first deals with a space pirate serving a life sentence in a military prison on a bleak planet. Rather than rot away for the rest of his life, he makes one last desperate attempt to escape. The second...

Category: Science Fiction
RUINS - The Ancient Secret

RUINS - The Ancient Secret is an amazing science fiction novel telling the story of a group of Scientists who discover the imminent destruction of the Earth. During a research project on a comet, they find that the Asteroid Pallas is nearing the Earth...

Category: Science Fiction
#3 Wolfen

Mans quest for genetic perfection has led to the creation of new subspecies. Wolfen were the pinnacle of scientific achievement, redefining the limits of what it means to be human. Their counterparts, in turn, grew into the ultimate predators. Incapable...

Category: Science Fiction
RUINS - The Ancient Secret

RUINS - The Ancient Secret is an amazing science fiction novel telling the story of a group of Scientists who discover the imminent destruction of the Earth. During a research project on a comet, they find that the Asteroid Pallas is nearing the Earth...

Category: Science Fiction
Quartermaxs Revenge

A boy grows to manhood without a father, in a future of galactic wide corporate corruption. Sam Quartermaxs father was killed in a space collision when Sam was ten years of age. The government reported it as an accident, but the boy could never bring...

Category: Science Fiction
The restoration

As the title suggests, one of the characters, which is an android, isnt content about the situation and want to alter the course of the history.

Category: Science Fiction
The Group

In a secret government base located deep underneath the forests of Michigan, experiments are performed on eight young children who were genetically engineered using extraterrestrial DNA. Can they escape their prison with the help of a reclusive young...

Category: Science Fiction
Fangs In the Darkness

In a world of a not too distant future. Earth has been changed by The Second Great Disaster, resulting in intelligent, talking, humanoid animals, known as the Higher Evolved Animaloids. A tentative peace hangs in the balance, as the animaloids of wild...

Category: Science Fiction
Project Looking Glass

In a future world where Man has uplifted a variety of species to two-legged sentience, the problems that have plagued the world have only gotten worse. Enter Inspector Henry Flaatphut of InterSpec a former computer hacker now stuck at what amounts to a...

Category: Science Fiction
The Quantum Mechanic The Secret

Imagine wanting what you cant have and risking all just to have it David Watson is a bright quantum physicist who has found a way to go back in time. There, he finds Anne, and briefly enjoys true love in a dystopian world. Without warning he finds...

Category: Science Fiction
Witch Wars

Tialanna is fated to become the queen of all Underlayes witches. She thinks the worst part of her life is the fact that shes betrothed to a complete stranger while in love with someone else. Shes in for a rude awakening when she discovers who, and what,...

Category: Science Fiction
#12 Fibers

Anna Reynolds is caught up in the middle of a secret interdimensional government conspiracy... and she doesnt even know it. Theres a medical anomaly loosely dubbed Morgellons disease afflicting a number of people. Symptoms include open sores that...

Category: Science Fiction
The Ultimate Agent

WARNING THIS MISSIVE CONTAINS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Your Mission Undertake an adventure of epic, global, and dire proportions. Agent 524 - Devon Bertrand Once a normal civilian, Agent Bertrand has been recruited by the Ultimate Agencya secret...

Category: Science Fiction
The Cartel: The Apprentice, Volume 1

Where passion and duty collide, The Cartel. Life within the Serengeti Cartel is perilous, riddled with malice and intrigue that can threaten the mightiest of warriors. For Lilian brilliant, despised and one misstep away from execution for her fathers...

Category: Science Fiction
#15 Aster

Mature Content The human race never thought it could happen. One day, it did. The Earth started to break apart then blew up. What was left of the human race loaded on a ship to find a new home. No one understood what would happen. They finally found a...

Category: Science Fiction
Spiff Blasthandy Behind the Screen

On an Earth rebuilding from an apocalypse, the star of the Spiff Blasthandy show, the most popular drama of the day, must recover from a public scandal while simultaneously dealing with personal loss and tragedy. Even his popularity wont save him from a...

Category: Science Fiction
Beyond Centerfield

Charismatic teacher time travels and becomes the shortstop for the 1885 Philadelphia Quakers. He meets her and things really get interesting.

Category: Science Fiction
Detours in Time

Young, fiery Tabitha takes a whirlwind trip to the future with Milt, an awkward Science professor. Wonders and curiosities abound. However, their amazing journey soon becomes a race through a maze of challenges and difficult decisions. When an unplanned...

Category: Science Fiction
Ring Of Arrows

The viral weapon of World War Three mutates so independently, it becomes totally indiscriminate. Only one person in every thousand survives the pandemic. Dogs, cats, cows, pigs, and horses die birds fall from the sky and dead fish wash up on the shore as...

Category: Science Fiction
Trillion Dollar Sky

Countless riches and the fate of humanity await the brilliant and beautiful Pia Lamotte on Ceres in this sci fi adventure short read. Fans of The Expanse will love Trillion Dollar Sky Pia is a stunning woman, whose genius is sought after by the handful...

Category: Science Fiction
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