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Book of Dark Stories

Here youll find a collection of the darkest tales from the authors imagination. Read about werewolves, ghosts, and native legends as well as other tales of woe

Category: Horror
A Mighty Rolling Thunder

The end of the world is just the beginning of the terror... Spring 2024 Two spirit hordes break through from another dimension, and half the worlds population vanishes. The spirits possess the survivors, dividing them into two groups those who fight to...

Category: Horror
Embers - A Collection of Dark Fiction

Where darkness dwells, embers light the way. From the author of the short story collections These Old Tales and Fresh Cut Tales comes his latest effort, Embers A Collection of Dark Fiction. In his youth Cain developed a sense of wonderment owed in part...

Category: Horror
Werewolf First Moon

On the fourteenth of June, 1649 Wilton Wilson went out on a hunting trip and came back a changed man. In the hearts of man lurkk many beast, but none quite so tragic and cruel as the one that swallowed him whole and left him to awake in horror.

Category: Horror
Bloodstone Institute

Dominoe is a college graduate who gets the job of her dreams at a institute school for children of the hearing impaired. She learns that the school is connected to a older part that is used as a haunted attraction. She begins to hear,see and smell things...

Category: Horror
Rouge Desires

Late one night the arrival of a mysterious visitor made Lea run for her life and away from everything she knew, leaving her mother behind. Lost and bereft after the loss of her mother, a person for whom she carries great devotion, she fights to maintain...

Category: Horror
Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror

17 sensually sinister tales to terrify and tantalize MASHED blends food, sex, humor and horror, a mix like youve never experienced

Category: Horror
The Order and Other Tales of Terror

What can happen when the dead refuse to stay dead When the lost spirit of a murdered girl reaches out to someone she trusted When a man is consumed with dread of a creature only he can perceive When one mans obsession goes too far and becomes something...

Category: Horror
Frozen Display

Elizabeth Persons didnt want to spend her life battling malevolent supernatural beings. But it was in her bloodand besides, it turned out she was really good at it. From her harrowing journal comes Frozen Display With Christmas rapidly approaching, the...

Category: Horror
Dead  Alive Survive

The United Kingdom has been devastated by a deadly virus. After a mass evacuation a team is sent into the quarantined country to find answers. What they find is nothing more than death

Category: Horror

short stories of terror with demons, cannibals, aliens, creepy carnivals, sexy shape shifters, hellish dice games, wicked genies, ghostly serial killers and more

Category: Horror
Our Frail Disordered Lives

Roach the Demon has had his snout out of joint since he was denied a role in Dantes Inferno. He decides to show off how evil he is by infesting the family of a man who sold his soul cheap.

Category: Horror
Ciudad en Penumbras

Cruzando por la carretera CT Treco ubicada al Oeste del Gran Buenos Aires puede llegar a toparse con una misteriosa ciudad envuelta en un velo de situaciones inexplicables capaces de sumir a sus visitantes en la locura, mas no se encuentra deshabitada...

Category: Horror
The House Hungers

A dream come true turns into a nightmare. . . Jennifer Berwick always dreamed of having a place to call her own. When a long-forgotten aunt died and left her a beautiful old estate, she thought those dreams had come true. Shortly after arriving at her...

Category: Horror
Aynesworthy House

Lilly Chatham lived a privileged life as a child living in pre-war England. With her father, an officer of the British army, away in India and her mother having died when she was a child she was raised by a doting grandmother and an army of servants...

Category: Horror
Jane Scare: A Short Story

Jane Scaretto is mourning the death of her husband. She sleeps most of the day only managing to wake in the evening to fix a meal for herself. She goes to the larder only to find the food has gone bad. She is hungry and so phones the grocery store who...

Category: Horror
Toxin and other tales

Three tales of horror and suspense

Category: Horror
The Warden

Alice has led a life of normality up until now. As a world-famous horror author, her worst scribbles cannot compare to the nightmare she is about to embark upon. Waking up in a rundown, dim-lit, and rusted asylum, she soon finds herself trapped in a game...

Category: Horror
Dismal Creek

A dark, hairy little tale based on a true ghost legend from East Tennessee

Category: Horror

Officer Lewis Jackson begins his duty with Officer Bob Hudson in Sydney, Australia. After a call about a disgruntled individual Jackson and Hudson are sent to investigate. Officer Hudson is killed by a bite to the neck. All throughout the morning,...

Category: Horror
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#21 The 13 Tales of Macabre Horror 1 2.6 Stats
#22 Under A Veil Of Darkness Horror 1 3 Stats
#23 A Long Walk A Journey in the Zombie Apocalypse Horror 1 2.4 Stats
#24 The Black Veldt Horror 1 2.1 Stats
#25 The Foot Doctor Letters A Serial Killer Speaks Out Horror 0 3.2 Stats
#26 Don't Make A Sound Horror 0 2.3 Stats
#27 Knife's Tell Horror 0 2.2 Stats
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